Scripture Reference – Romans 1:26-32 and Galatians 5:18-25

Reprobation, in Christian theology, is a doctrine which teaches that a person can reject the gospel to a point where God in turn rejects them and curses their conscience… When a sinner is so hardened as to feel no remorse or misgiving of conscience for particularly vile acts, it is considered a sign of reprobation.

 Signs of a reprobate mind.

  • The Scriptures of God no longer convicts you.
  • Your own conscience no longer convicts you when you do wrong…
  • Lost ability to discern from right and wrong.
  • Starts calling “GOOD” evil and “EVIL” good!

What is a reprobate person?

An unprincipled or depraved person, a scoundrel, or a rogue individual. In the days of old, cemeteries would be seldom placed on the north side of a church and be used for the burial of unbaptized children, criminals, reprobates, and suicides.

Prayer for Reprobacy

Lord of Host, we confess your salvation, repent of obvious strongholds and demonic challenges that we have succumbed to.  Moreover, we do recognize the full work of the cross… Jesus you make all things new and gives victory and deliverance to all that dare to believe.

God Bless – A Note From The Counselor’s Corner,
Dalton Kornegay, PhD

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