A Manhood/Fatherhood Rite of Passage
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The Objective

The objective is to help men transform themselves into the strong, spiritual leaders they were created to be. This is achieved by correcting many of the myths that so many men have been taught either directly or indirectly by absentee fathers, hi-profile celebrities, and criminals. After being exposed to the truth about manhood and fatherhood, it is proven men will recognize the error of their past and make every effort to become real men. We offer follow-up services to further assist those in need and to maintain confidential statistical data. Men of Change, Inc is designed to reflect positive change in the lives of men, families, communities, and their worlds.

Men of Change is a Manhood/Fatherhood program that addresses issues of personal and spiritual development, or the lack thereof, in our men.

“Hardships often prepare ordinary people for an extraordinary destiny.”


~C.S. Lewis~

"A Manhood and Father Movement for the 21st Century.”

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