Dalton Kornegay, Ph.D

Dalton Kornegay, Ph.D. is the founder and CEO of Faith Connected Mentoring Ministries, Men of Change Inc. and Mentoring for Change Inc. non-profit entities. FCMM provides individuals with the necessary tools to make spiritual, intellectual and moral decisions based on God’s word and His infinite wisdom coupled with understanding one’s own unique temperament.

Dr. Kornegay has earned degrees of Doctor of Clinical Christian (Temperament) Counseling, Master of Arts in Clinical Christian (Temperament) Counseling and a Bachelor of Science in Biology/ minor in Chemistry and a special interest in Pharmaceutical Technology. He holds Graduate and Doctoral level specializations in Integrated Marriage and Family Therapy, Crisis and Abuse Therapy and Child Adolescent Therapy.

In addition he is a Certified Personality & Behavioral Consultant, Board Certified by National Christian Counselors Association, Licensed Clinical Christian Counselor, Board Certified Therapist by National Board of Christian Clinical Therapists, Certified Temperament Counselor, Board Certified by Sarasota Academy of Christian Counselors, Professional Clinical Member of National Christian Counselors Association & American Society of Christian Therapist, Member of Society for Christian Psychologists, Member of American Association of Christian Counselors and a Member of Marriage & Family Society for Christian Psychologists.

The professional academic background for Dr. Kornegay has fully equipped him to help bring about change in the lives of those that are in need through the power of divine faith-connection and positive thinking.

Dr. Kornegay is an Associate Elder at Destiny Fellowship Worship Center and a Certified Christian Chaplain (International Federation of Christian Chaplains Inc.).

He is married, has one daughter and is a retired veteran of the US Army with over 23 years of administration, training and operational experience. He is a Therapeutic Mentoring Coach for Boys of Standard and Success, Professional Christian Life Coach and Mentor Trainer with over 23 years of experience in the field of inspiring others to transformation.

Dr. Kornegay over time has transitioned his focus to include “Therapeutic Mentoring & Life Skills Training.” As a result, he has established Men of Change Inc. for adult males 18 and older and Mentoring For Change Inc. for students from the fifth grade to college.



Dalton Kornegay, Ph.D

Dalton Kornegay, Ph.D

Founder & CEO

Disclaimer: Dr. Kornegay does not operate under the pretense of a psychologist, psychotherapist, psychiatrist or any other state affiliated agency. Instead he has dedicated his mode of help through a strategic culmination of understanding endogenous conditions, expressing pragmatic and skillful coaching and empowering individuals that ‘voluntarily accepts’ the word of God and His ways.
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