Mentoring for Change

Mentoring for Change (MFC)  Inc. is an atypical nonprofit 501(c)(3) mentoring organization that provides responsible and caring programs for students from the fifth grade through college across the country.  This organization is atypical in the sense of not providing traditional non-engaging student care and being a money conduit with no substantiated measurables. MFC Inc. on the other hand is a viable entity that challenges students to harness and take control of their destiny, underscores the power of choice and urge the next generation to tap into their inner strength that manifest “real” change. The organization helps students to challenge anti-social behaviors (name calling, bullying and displaced anger) while establishing and enhancing vital life skills like: coping techniques, critical decision-making, conflict resolution and positive communication. Two other components of focus by MFC Inc. are academic under-achievement/grade retention and high absenteeism.

MFC Inc. has established supporting partnerships with local and national school agencies, Mentor (national organization), America Promise Alliance, the faith-based community, various civic groups and the Juvenile Court system by way of Teen Court to help address the prevalent issues with today’s youth. The organization goal is to develop and foster a commitment between an adult or peer supportive mentor and a small group of youth that will promote strong interpersonal skills, appropriate communication and reassert a sense of hope and meaning for the future. Only through a personal relationship can a sense of individual responsibility be established that will give youth the desire to follow through on a path to adulthood with a sense of pride and accomplishment.

MFC Inc. mentoring efforts originated in 2006 and since its inception, more than 300 students have been supported and have shown growth behaviorally, academically and in accountability.


To give back to the community by fostering positive change in the lives of youth through mentorship, irrespective of personal differences, background, ethnicity or diaspora.


Mentoring for Change Inc.’s mission is to provide students with the necessary tools to re-direct negative behavior patterns, provide insight on how to think critically and understand consequences for one’s actions.  Moreover, MFC Inc. strives to provide students with necessary life skills and interventions to become 21st century high school graduates with promising futures and law abiding citizens.


  • Help identify and address social/behavioral issues
  • Help reduce and/or eliminate school infractions
  • Help enhance overall academic standings
  • Help develop healthy self-esteem
  • Help establish self discipline and conflict resolution strategies
  • Help to convey purpose and meaning in life
  • Establish an atmosphere for refining negative communication habits
  • Provide assistance with teen-related sex issues


To create a 21st century universal mentoring movement which provides coaching and training that positively impacts students, their families, communities and their world(s).

Training – Conduct mentoring workshops, seminars and presentations on topics.  Introduce mentoring techniques used and give an overview of the mentoring and its impact.

Outreach – Families, couples, the faith-based community, organizations, businesses and all medical related communities that are in need of life-skills coaching and training.

MFC Inc. Appointment Schedule:
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