Faith Connected Mentoring Ministries

Faith Connected Mentoring Ministries is a faith-based non-profit entity designed to empower individuals, families, couples, groups, organizations and businesses with the necessary tools to increase their quality of living, to raise their level of expectation and enhance their standard of operation. This process can be effectively achieved through a holistic approach in maximizing one’s personal life and allow those same principals, qualities and tools to cascade down to the workplace.

There is a great and inseparable parallel between the restoration of one person’s life according to God’s initial plan and the success of any organization and/or business when those individuals involved really understand who they are and their purpose; “niche in life.”

Today’s society as we’ve come to know it is at a very fast pace.  People are continuously going and coming without proper rest, nutrition and most importantly spiritual insight.  Many individuals struggle immensely with life choices, sense of direction, basic understanding and living a successful Christian life.  God has given us the vision on how to meet the hurting and indecisive right at their point of need.

The overarching goal of FCMM is to make a difference in the lives of those families that are plagued by despairing issues that rip away at the fabric of God-ordained family lives!

FCMM is a faith-based alternative approach to conventional counseling. FCMM is orchestrated by founder CEO Dalton Kornegay, MA, PhD, IMFTT, CPBC, CCH who is both licensed and board certified by the National Christian Counselors Association.  His licensure is both current and in good standing with the governing board.  Dr. Kornegay is also board certified by the National Board of Christian Clinical Therapists, board certified by the Sarasota Academy of Christian Counselors and a certified Personality & Behavioral Consultant by IML.  Dr. Kornegay is a Silver President member with the American Association of Christian Counselors, a member of the Society of Christian Psychology, a Certified Christian Chaplain with the International Federation of Christian Chaplains Inc. and is an ordained elder of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  FCMM provides individuals with the necessary tools to make their own spiritual, intellectual and moral decisions based on understanding their respective temperament, God’s word and His infinite wisdom!

Dr. Kornegay is a Clinical Temperament Therapist that specializes in:

  • Marriage and Family Therapy utilizing the integrated approach
  • Crisis and Abuse Therapy
  • Adolescent Therapy
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