Am I now trying to win the favor and approval of men, or of God? Or am I seeking to please someone? If I were still trying to be popular with men, I would not be a bondservant of Christ (Galatians1:10).

When seeking the approval of others, it can often cause one’s cognitive ability to be wayward, behavior to be offset, and decision making to become skewed. There is a distorted idea that we need to please everyone. The truth is from a humanistic standpoint we cannot. Being a man pleaser is not God ordained. Man’s expectation is never consistent nor does it ever equate to God’s expectation. One truth that must never be misrepresented, is man did not (even if he wanted to, could not) make the ultimate sacrifice for atonement for sin that protects the believer against the modern day evil that’s being advanced in the world today!

Why do we believe that we should focused on pleasing man who can only disapprove, tear down our actions, make baseless criticisms, and/or be pleased based on one’s level of loyalty. What if God withheld his love and divine protection from the believer because of the level of their unacceptable commitment and loyalty??? Very few would ever measure up to receive HIS goodness. But thanks be to HIM who love is unconditional and is not merit based like man. So, God should be center stage, when it comes to our level of pleasing and commitment. Deep within each person, there is a longing to be approved and accepted by the Yahweh. Man pleasing can never substitute or fulfill that desire within and we can’t alter that truth or HIS indelible connection to gain it. It is HIS seal of approval alone that satisfies mankind deep within.

Ultimate Desire
My heart seeks to please You and You alone God. Your approval is all that I need. Dear Lord, I accept the truth of your word without compromise. Empower me with strength to live my life, so that it reflects Your Majesty, Power, Glory and Love to
Others. Give me the Divine wisdom to serve You with a clean heart and right spirit within me.

In the powerful name of Yeshua Hamashiach, Amen.

God Bless – A Note From The Counselor’s Corner,
Dalton Kornegay, PhD

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